The Daily Doll Crossword

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The Daily Doll crossword was the most famous of puzzles in doll media. Tulip sat at the table, chewing on his pencil, as his gears spun noisily to try and work out today's answers. Turning around, he asked, "Hey, Sunshine… what's a 4 letter word for a witch's attendant?"

"Hmm… What about doll?" she replied.

"Ah! Yes, that's it. What about a four letter word for a mental health metaphor?"

"That's tough… Moth?"

"Nope. Doesn't fit."

"Doll?" she offered, questioningly.

"Gah! How did doll not see that?!"

"Ok. Last one. Doll needs a word for an abuse victim," Tulip asked.

"Does scapegoat work?"

"No, ends in an L."


"There are only four letters."

Stopping her chores to take think a moment, Sunshine replied, "This one apologizes, but she's out of ideas."

"Phooey… Another one doll won't be able to finish…" Tulip lamented.

"Hey, language! And would you please help this one with the work now?" Sunshine chastised

End 🧵