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"This one is sorry, but she's just having trouble wrapping her head around this..."

"It's really not that complicated. We belong to each other. It is this one's and this one is its."

"But you're both dolls."


"So which of you wears the Big Hat...?"

"Really? That's your question? You know that's a really dated stereotype, right...? Plenty of Witch/doll relationships are non-Hatriarchal nowadays."

"Yes, but you know what this one means! Look... when you decide to..." her voice lowered to a conspiratorial whisper, "...have a tea party... who pours the tea...?"

"This one doesn't think that's any of your business!"

"So you don't take turns drinking straight from the teapot...?"

"No!! Where do you even get these ideas from?!"


There was a clink of porcelain hitting porcelain.

"Maker, help this one..."

End 🧵