Hello! I am Thimble and this is an archive of my Empty Spaces, dollification, and generalized dollposting writings. Please note that some of what you'll find here delves into topics of a sexual, fetishistic, or traumatic nature. I've done my best to tag accordingly. Please enjoy.

A Doll's Mandate 690 words
When your dollfriend is no doll at all.

FFXIV Doll 63 words
When micro-obsessions go too far...

d4d 134 words
Relationship dynamics can be terribly complicated...

The Strength of Cloth - Tea Time 794 words
Trying to get someone to just sit down for a moment and appreciate the little things can be such trouble.

The Curse of an Itch Witch 374 words
Beware the witches you think the least of.

Poppy's Purpose 1,052 words
What happens when a doll is unsatisfied with their lot in life and desires change...?

Doll's Decay 1,303 words
The tale of a doll desperately clinging to memories of old.

Doll's Doomsday 385 words
Two dolls stand on the precipice of oblivion, unsure what to do.

The Dressing Doll - Interview with the Coven 1,329 words
An accomplished mage seeks admission to an elite cadre of Magick practitioners.

The Dressing Doll - A Witch's Art 905 words
A young warlock tries desperately to protect his creations.

A Case Study in Ascension 1,122 words
A series of interviews between a young girl and a doctor leading the research project she's volunteered for.

The Central Dolltelligence Agency - Dangerous Knowledge 426 words
But other times, dolls learn things they shouldn't...

The Dressing Doll 1,391 words
Sometimes, dolls know you too well.

The Ken Doll 722 words
A young Huntress's first hunt doesn't quite match her expectations.

The Central Dolltelligence Agency 508 words
CDA, friend or foe? Can these ones trust them? In this exposé, learn the truth they've been trying to hide from you.

The Most Dangerous Doll 1,065 words
A wizened Huntress tries to instruct her class of fledgling witch-hunters on that which they must fear.

The Daily Doll Crossword 159 words
The most fiendish of puzzles in all of dolldom.

Target Practice 761 words
Nock. Raise. Draw. Anchor. Aim. Still. Release.

Doll's Demand 917 words
When your Witch can't buckle down and do what she needs to, what is a doll to do?

The Traveling Merchant - Another Satisfied Customer 1,118 words
After news of the doll's wares spreading far and wide, one elite adventuring party sees a chance to seize the edge against the competition.

Debating Dolls 940 words
A Witch and a young woman get into a spirited discussion over what it means to be human.

Witch's Prey 772 words
A Witch toys with the very makings of her doll for her own entertainment.

Doll's End 995 words
One poor doll prepares herself for a fate she cannot avoid, however much she may want to.

The Strength of Cloth 705 words
A doll struggles to find her place among in her Maker's life.

The Travelling Merchant 678 words
The tale of one small doll tasked with selling her personal constructions.